About Us

Welcome to Kodiak Tape;

Kodiak Tape / Kodiak Bant is owned by the company CC-BANT ÜRETİM ve TİC. LTD ŞTİ based in Sefaköy , İstanbul Turkey

The Company is Converting & Printing a Broad Range of Adhesive Tapes with the latest technology Slitting and Flexo Printing Machines.

We Convert & Print:

OPP Packaging Tapes, Custom Printed Tapes,in all types , colors , sizes & quantities.

Our Focus is to serve our customers in a flexible way and give them the right Solution.

Our company has invested in the latest Technology Equipments to support the local and International markets in the right way.

The Team:

We have a great Team with experiences of 20+ years in the Tape and Printing Industry what gives our customers TRUST with a Satisfied Solution.

Our Production:

Tape Converting Department:

Our Tape Converting Department is equipped with a Full Automatic Guzzetti NG 310 Slitting Rewinding machine with another two additional slitting rewinding machines for making logs and to produce special sizes.

To become more flexible in slitting all sizes we have added 2 Core Sitting Machines to support the production process.

All our rolls are shrinked wrapped.

Our Printing Department:

Our Printing Department is equipped with 3 Flexo Printing machines that is capable to print up to 4 colors and al of our machines are able to print up to max. 300mm width.